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Frequently Asked Questions
Elite Pageant Productions
Are your pageants Glitz or Natural?
We’re kind of in the middle.  Pageant dresses are expected instead of Sunday Best, but we
discourage super heavy makeup or fake teeth on little girls.  In addition, your photogenic photos
(only for pageants including photogenic competition) should not be professionally retouched.  
Remember, our judges always look for age-appropriateness.  No pro/am modeling moves on stage,

What do I wear for Casual Wear competition?
**Casual Wear competition is only for ages 7 and up only in the Miss Gardendale Pageant**
Casual wear can be anything!  This is your opportunity to express your style and personality.  

Can I get my score sheets back?
Of course!  Our score sheets go straight from the judges hands to the auditor, who adds up the
scores, then immediately to you during crowning.  

If I win, can I compete again?
Yes!  The only exception is if you win the title of Little Miss or Miss Gardendale.  If you win one of
these titles, you will be asked to complete your reigning year and return to crown your successor,
but you may compete again the year after that.

Do I have to live in the area to compete?
No!  We welcome contestants from all over the state of Alabama, and even from out of state if they
want to come!  We are open to anyone who wants to experience a fun, fair pageant and have lots
of fun doing it.

I'm coming from out of town.  Can you recommend a good hotel, restaurant, etc.?
Absolutely!  Please contact the director (contact info below) for our recommendations.  We
welcome you to the area and hope you have a great time here!

Are your pageants a preliminary for another pageant?
No!  We are independent and always will be!  We love having the freedom to run our events the
way we have discovered to be the most fun for the contestants.  Also, being independent gives us
the freedom to give back to the community, such as our school fundraiser program.  We also
donate to several charities and organizations in the area.
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